How Long Has Global Warming Been Affecting The Atmosphere

Exactly how long global warming has been affecting the atmosphere depends largely on how a person is defining the term. Global warming is actually a process that stops heat from escaping the surface of the earth due to a change in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, particulate matter and other elements contribute to this change and to global warming.

The reality is that global warming as a process has affected the atmosphere of the earth in the past. It has occurred during very specific periods over millions of years. It was largely caused by geological incidents such as Readmore »

Easily Explaining The Science Behind Global Warming

Sit in a car with the windows rolled up on a sunny day, and you will experience the greenhouse effect. Light energy from the sun, which easily passes through the glass windows, converts to heat energy once the sun’s rays strike the solid mass of your car’s interior. The heat is unable to quickly escape back through the glass, and remains trapped inside, raising the temperature of your car’s interior space.

In the same way, greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, enclose the Earth with a heat-trapping barrier. Much of this is natural Readmore »

Top 10 Possible Reasons For Global Warming

Global warming is becoming a clearer and more present reality each day. Although there are many things that we suspect contribute to it, there’s still not a consensus on what precisely causes global warming. Here are 10 of the most common reasons for global warming.

1. Carbon dioxide from power plants. 40 of the CO2 in our atmosphere come from power plants.
2. Carbon dioxide from transportation. 33 of the CO2 is due to transportation.
3. Methane from animals. As we raise Readmore »

Global Warming and Your Community

At this stage in the game, it’s tough to deny the steady rise in our earth’s temperature. Still, when most people refer to global warming, they cast it in a eschatological light, as if it’s something we can’t alter or impede the process of.

The good news is, we don’t have to be resigned to the fate of global warming. There are actually things we can do in our communities to assuage the harmful effects of global warming. They may take a little effort on your end, but there’s no doubt as to what a boon they can be in the grand scheme of things.

A great place to start is with our local legislation. Gather some support for emission-reducing policies and write to your local politicians. With more laws in place to reduce our carbon output, we’ll be able to better protect our vulnerable stratosphere.

Another place to look into is your own energy supply. Some energy suppliers, like the ones highlighted on, will offer green energy packages. These green energy packages are a much smarter choice for an environmentally savvy customer. Talk to your friends and neighbors and lobby for green energy packages. The more people taking part in the green movement, the better off our earth will be.

Global Warming Defined So Anyone Can Understand

Global warming is a huge global issue that we are all struggling to contain today. In a nutshell, global warming is the act of the Earth’s atmosphere getting continually warmer as a result of holes in the ozone layer that have been penetrated by things like pollution and chemicals in the air. Although warmer weather may not seem like such a drastically negative effect in the Earth’s safety and preservation, it can actually be very harmful to our planet.The full explanation can be Readmore »

Is Global Warming For Real Or A Scare Tactic

The subject of global warming has been tackled relentlessly over the years. Not only is it real, it has now become the most addressed topic of political debates, nature preservation organizations and public in general. The lock of general understanding in the past has lead to global ignorance of the deterioration of our most precious resources on Earth. The greenhouse effect has very little meaning to most of the population. We hear all about it, but we don’t know the exact meaning of the term. Human activities have an enormous impact on the overall health of our Readmore »

The Truth About Global Warming and The Environment

Recent years has seen a lot of contention manufactured regarding the scientific data an information regarding global warming and the effects of industry on the environment. Despite resistance to the concept from a few areas the scientific consensus maintains that global warming is a very serious issue and is a direct result of industrial causes. Discovering more information on the state of scientific research and accumulated data can offer clear insight onto the state of the environment.

The Readmore »

Five Proven Facts About Global Warming Effects

1. Climate change exists according to scientific consensus. Of course, outliers exist and opposition exists, but that’s what science is. Could the concensus dictate tomorrow that global warming is not occuring? Yes of course. That’s the part of the scientific method. But as of now, as of 2012, it’s occurring.

2. Climate change is manmade. This is the most deft argument of global-warming deniers. In our small sample size (since the industrial revolution) global warming is man-made. Even though global climate cycles could explain the recent adverse events, this hypothesis is very difficult to prove.

3. Global warming is a misnomer. The Readmore »

What Exactly Is Global Warming And Does It Matter?

Global warming is the continuous increase of Earth’s temperature. Although it was first noticed over a century ago, it has not been addressed until decades later. Both the scientific world and the public are now well aware of the consequences. The greenhouse effect, which was created by deforestation and other human actions, has lead to the temperature rise of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is predicted that by the end of the 21st century, the climate’s changes may include the rise in warmth of as much as 11 degrees Fahrenheit.
The scientific assessments offer a closer glimpse Readmore »